Core Team

Jack Baker (Director)

Structural Reliability / Earthquake Ground Motions

Rodrigo Costa

Community Impact Modeling

Greg Deierlein

Structural Analysis / Performance-Based Design

Jenny Suckale

Geophysics / Applied Mathematics

Anne Kiremidjian

Regional Loss Modeling / Systems Reliability


Adam Zsarnoczay

Uncertainty Quantifcation

Derek Ouyang

Sustainable Urban Systems

Leonard Ortolano

Environmental & Water Resources Planning & Mangement

Alice Hill

Policy to Build Resilience

Deland Chan

Urban Sustainability

Many others outside of Stanford have played important roles in SURI, as noted in the Projects pages


Maryia Markhvida

Catastrophe Risk Assessment

Anne Hulsey

Post-Earthquake Downtime Induced by Safety Cordons

Sabine Loos

Rapid Geospatial Impact Estimation for Recovery Planning

Rodrigo Silva Lopez

Rodrigo Silva Lopez

Optimal Decision Making for Transportation Network Resilience

Gitanjali Bhattacharjee

Risk/Reliability Analysis of Transport Networks & Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Pablo Heresi

Performance Based Earthquake Engineering / Regional Risk Assessment

Francisco Galvis

Novel Rocking Structural System for Bridges in Seismic Regions

Corinne Bowers

Investment Strategies for Increasing Community Flood Resilience


Katherine Serafin

Karen Barns

Luis Ceferino

Gemma Cremen

Guoqin Ma

Carrie Armel

Perrine Hamel

David Lallemant

Robert Soden

Mary Lou Zoback