People & Partners

Jack Baker (Director)

Structural Reliability / Earthquake Ground Motions

Greg Deierlein

Structural Analysis / Performance-Based Design

Jenny Suckale

Geophysics / Applied Mathematics

Anne Kiremidjian

Regional Loss Modeling / Systems Reliability

David Lallemant

(Research Fellow)

Urban Loss Modeling / Probabilistic Inference

Mary Lou Zoback

Geophysics / Natural Hazards Risk

Robert Soden

Human Computer Interaction/Science and Technology Studies

Deland Chan

Urban Sustainability

Perrine Hamel

Ecosystem Services and Conservation


Maryia Markhvida

Catastrophe Risk Assessment

Luis Ceferino

Structural Analysis / Catastrophe Risk Assessment

Gemma Cremen

Performance-Based Loss Modeling

Pablo Heresi

Performance Based Earthquake Engineering / Regional Risk Assessment

Anne Hulsey

Post-Earthquake Downtime Induced by Safety Cordons

A number of graduate students and industry affiliates are involved in our activities. See the projects page for details of activities and participants.

The Office

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