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2019 Blume Center/SURI Affiliates Meeting

Affiliates Program

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Program Description

The SURI Affiliates Program is supported by corporate membership fees and is designed to facilitate the relationship between academia and industry. The program encourages a high level of engagement from Members. Our Members provide insight into real-world use cases, valuable financial support for research, and a path to large-scale impact. Our Members gain insights from and leverage the unique expertise at Stanford in Resilience Science and Engineering, an emerging field that combines quantitative engineering analyses to broader questions of social impact and human behavior. Members are entitled to the full range of benefits including invitations to all SURI Affiliates Program symposia, opportunity to support Ph.D. student research, and active engagement with research programs, faculty, and graduate students.

Companies and other organizations interested in improving risk evaluation and the design of the built environment, social intervention, as well as government, financial, and corporate policies are eligible and encouraged to join.

Participating faculty are listed under the Core Team section on the People section of this SURI webpage. Ongoing research can be found on the Projects section of the SURI webpage. Please email for descriptions of the most recent research.

The SURI Affiliates Program is a Stanford University industrial affiliates program and is subject to university policies for such programs including openness in research, publication and broad sharing of results, and faculty freedom to pursue research topics and methodology of their choice. All research results funded by our affiliates fees are shared with all program members and the public. Please see the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Membership for more details.



Members contribute $60,000 per year with the expectation of at least three years of membership and receive all benefits including the opportunity to inspire the research agenda and engage deeply with the faculty and students.


Program Benefits

  • Meetings with SURI faculty, students, and staff to consult on research directions.
  • Invitation to an annual affiliates meeting.
  • Regular updates on publications and on-going research from SURI researchers.
  • Student recruitment opportunities.
  • Acknowledgment of corporate support at:
    • SURI workshops with data partners (e.g., technology companies with disaster and resilience efforts) and policymakers,
    • Engagements with the community including research partners in the local, regional, and federal governments,
    • Annual disaster and hazard research conferences.
  • Opportunity to send a Visiting Scholar to Stanford, subject to satisfying the RPH Policy on Visiting Scholars.  (Additional charges above membership fees apply.)
  • Faculty visits to the member company.

All SURI Affiliate memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs. All research results funded by our affiliates fees are shared with all program members and the public.


Corporate Members


Sompo Digital Lab

Next Steps

Please contact Jack Baker (, Director of SURI, for the next steps of how to join.