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Jack Baker

 Structural Reliability/Earthquake Ground Motions


Rodrigo Costa*

Community Impact Modeling

Greg Deierlein

Structural Analysis / Performance-Based Design

Anne Kiremidjian

Regional Loss Modeling / Systems Reliability

Jenny Suckale

Geophysics / Applied Mathematics


Many others outside of Stanford have played important roles in SURI, as noted in the Project pages

Deland Chan

Urban Sustainability

Maryia Markhvida

Maryia Markhvida

Catastrophe Risk Assessment

Derek Ouyang

Derek Ouyang

Sustainable Urban Systems

Leonard Ortolano

Leonard Ortolano

Environmental & Water Resources Planning & Management

Adam Zsarnoczay

Uncertainty Quantification


*These members are part of the SURI student leadership council

Irene Alisjahbana

Post-Earthquake Recovery Modeling

Corinne Bowers*

Investment Strategies for Increasing Community Flood Resilience

Joshua Dimasaka

Post-Earthquake Recovery Modeling

Francisco Galvis

Seismic risk management strategies for tall, steel moment frame buildings


Omar Issa

Assessing and Optimizing Multi-scale Resilience / Functional Recovery


Jenny Levitt

Validation of Rapid Damage Maps

Emily Mongold 

Regional Tsunami Risk Modeling

Rodrigo Silva Lopez*

Optimal Decision Making for Transportation Network Resilience


Jimmy Zhang

Regional Risk and Urban Land Use 


Tinger Zhu

Regional recovery modeling and resilience 


Carrie Armel

Carrie Armel

 Anthem, Inc.

Tamika Bassman

Multi-Hazard Regional Risk Assessment

Gitanjali Bhattacharjee

Risk/Reliability Analysis of Transport Networks & Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Luis Ceferino

Princeton University

Gemma Cremen

University College London

Perrine Hamel

Perrine Hamel

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment 

Pablo Heresi

Pablo Heresi

 Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Alice C. Hill

Alice C. Hill

Council on Foreign Relations 

Indraneel Kasmalkar

Indraneel Kasmalkar

Quantifying Resilience to Climate Change

David Lallemant

Nanyang Technological University

Sabine Loos

Sabine Loos

Rapid Geospatial Impact Estimation for Recovery Planning

Guoquin Ma

Guoqin Ma

University of Texas, Austin


Ana Moura-Cook

Post-Earthquake Housing Recovery Modeling

Jaewon Saw 

Regional Loss Assessment and Community Resilience

Katy Serafin

 Katy Serafin

University of Florida

Robert Soden

University of Toronto

Sijin Wang 

Seismic Risk Analysis on Liquefiable Areas

 Chenbo Wang

Regional Risk Assessment and Housing Recovery Modeling