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Tall building seismic safety project press release

As part of San Francisco’s Fleet Week, Prof. Greg Deierlein announced recommendations for enhancing the city’s seismic recovery timeline by focusing on the tall buildings in downtown San Francisco. Deierlein was representing the Applied Technology Council team for ATC 119-1, which includes SURI/Blume PhD students, Anne Hulsey and Wen-Yi Yen. The research that informed these recommendations involved developing an inventory of the existing tall buildings and considering both pre- and post-earthquake measures that can be taken by the city. The full report will be published in November. The full project team also includes Ayse Hortacsu, Justin Moresco, John Hooper, Shah Vahdani, Carlos Molina Hutt, and David Bonowitz.

For more information, please read the full recommendations or the articles published in the New York Times and LA Times.